Our Journey To Date

Our journey of discovery in the last eight months, often has us shaking our heads in shame.
Street Rally
What have we let ourselves become as a society when we accept the restrictions in free speech imposed on our department workers and that appeasing legal liability issues is more important than keeping the people safe and providing the rehabilitation these children require.
There are teachers and workers in other areas working in fear and our governments keep distracting attention away from the problem rather than protecting employees at the forefront.
Common-sense and personal responsibility need to be legislated back into our systems of government.
We understand the frustration many people now have after years of inaction that has caused division in our community and we ask you to stay united whilst we tackle the problems head on. Help is on its way and if we stick to the Truth things must change.
Whilst our ”On Country Programs”, have always been at the forefront of our plans we have also learned that unless we start at the beginning and address the root causes at all intervals we will not achieve the generational change we require.
If you are expecting a politically correct plan that conveniently dances around issues, then you will be disappointed. We are just focused on telling the truth and responding to the cries for help from our community. We as a community demand action!
We all make mistakes; however, you should know it is in our DNA to own up to them, rectify as soon as possible and communicate them ASAP. We will have the courage to alter any actions appropriately and quickly if we believe they could be more focused on uniting the community.