How Are We Going To Get There ?

This Project will be the framework that reflects community expectations, transparency and creates operational process to ensure set objectives are achieved.


❖ To hold all levels of government accountable for their responsibilities of controlling and reducing youth crime.

❖ To continue to develop, implement and improve on country programs for boys and girls.

❖ OCOS will work with and listen to the people at the coalface of our youth justice and educational systems. In doing so we will understand any weaknesses and create new opportunities based on real solutions from the people who deal with the challenges daily. We will pressure the Government to listen.

❖ Work with the Education department and private schools to develop and implement prevention strategies for primary and secondary schools based around respect.

❖ Maximization of resources to ensure non repetitive and or duplication of product and underutilization.

❖ Develop youth and community mentors to ensure these youth are given the rights of passage. This area is crucial.

❖ Develop a recruitment system for our programs based on fitting round pegs into round holes.

❖ Transparency – at all levels of government and community partners

❖ United process – non discriminative.

❖ Cost effective delivery of all programs in Townsville.

❖ Engage with community and organizations, in a timely, simple, and meaningful way.

❖ Develop and foster working partnerships with existing programs/

❖ Develop and implement the mentored transitioning of troubled youth back into community.

❖ Engage the Business community to assist and promote programs designed at uniting our community and addressing the root causes of our problems.

It is Important to note that (Back Track, Bernie Shakeshafts - Australia day local Hero award winner 2020) programs are almost entirely non-government funded.