OCOS understands the seriousness and the timeliness of the change needed. We have not wavered from our original GOALS of:

1. Uniting the community and Breaking the cycle

2. Seeking the immediate implementation of enforceable curfews and bail houses or residential care houses.
a. Should the enforceable curfews not occur, the community would still be at risk and therefore leave no other short-term solution than to send the offenders to Cleveland. At least then the community would have some respite from continuous offending.
b. Work with Staff and develop, review, and implement practices and consequences at Cleveland to ensure they reflect community expectations.
c. To provide Judges / Magistrates with the authority to utilise alternative sentencing procedures thus keeping our children from entering the system and providing their rehabilitation in a respect building way.

3. The continued development and use of “On Country Programs” for boys and girls. This will be a major tool in the rehabilitation of these children and keeping the community safe.

4. Coal face workers- Our goal is to listen and Learn from years of experience of people working on the ground. most great solutions come from the coalface.

5. Decision making process:

Decision Making Tool


6. Parent's/ Guardians
Whilst this is a very complex issue, we will investigate the root causes of our parent’s problems and be there as a united community to support their return to parental responsibilities. It may be important for the community to know and understand that when many of these offences have occurred our children were not in the custody of their parents.

7. Education and Employment training are crucial components of the wholistic approach, and we will continue to work with and utilise programs already in place and look for improvement where we can.

8. The mentored transition of our troubled youth back into the community has always been an area that we as a community, have yet to perfect. To achieve this, we must unite the resources of all the community.

9. Transparency and community updates of all the programs, costs, goals, achievements, and developments for the future.

10. Whilst we understand there are administration costs associated with everything our goal is to ensure the proportions of admin cost of programs are minimised to ensure most resources are spent on delivery.