Community Updates

It is our aim to remain accountable to our Community to ensure all members see the progress of our plight towards our shared goals. 


In doing so, we aim to provide regular updates as to the progress of our Community Action Plan.


 Bipartisan Meeting @ Brothers Leagues Club 21st September 2020.


Jeff's 2 Actions          Alberts Table          Table 3 working          Dennis & Tony Mooney          Wayne Parker          Police Man          Whiteboard 1          Russell Butler          Workshopping 1          Michael Mitchell          Nick Dametto & Phil Thompson          Scott Stewart          Aaron Harper

Thank you to ALL that attended and gave their time and valuable input.  We now have some key actions that we plan to implement.


1. Enforceable Curfews - meeting with Paul Taylor

2. Anonymous Surveys for Coal-face workers to share their ideas for solutions.

3. Victims' input into solutions

4. REAL Consequences for Actions

5. Blue Card Reform - allow mentors with no crimes against kids to cut through red tape

6. Easing of tender process to allow small service organisations a chance to compete for these programs and funding

7. Community Court rather that "Murri Court"

8. Engaging local businesses and community clubs

9. Service mapping - to pull together all the current programs available and utilise

10. Immediate focus on reviews of Departments, programs & services as per Townsville Stronger Communities recommendations

11. PCYC Opening hours review.


We will keep the community updated as we progress through these actionable outcomes.  

We are an organisation run by volunteers who are time-scarce.  If you can provide time to assist, please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page and register now!




Meeting request with Deputy Commissioner of Police, Paul Taylor to request increased Police Supervision of Bail Houses. 


Paul's response is below:

Paul Taylor's Response to Request for Increased Police Supervision of Bail Houses




We have asked all of our State Election Candidates to sign our commitment letter (below):


          Commitment Letter


We will keep you all posted as to who commits to stand with us to make changes!