Community Action Plan

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We now live in a world devoid of personal responsibility, common sense, and more importantly genuine respect for each other. Our politically correct world preaches the moral high ground however, the reality is we have become anything but the loving, hardworking larrikins that have a go at anything and who would be the first to step in and help each other out.
Instead we have become something so very different.

One Community One Standard has put together a draft action plan with detailed community approved responses from all levels of government, business, and the general community.
In years to come we need to be talking about the Rescued Generation and not the neglected one. The referencing of the Rescued Generation is not meant to be discriminative; it is purely the truth of those young persons who need our help and the help of the greater united community.

What the community does not want is business as usual. This is a system that is broken.
Again, no more diversions, distractions, denials, or delays that the at risk-youth are being looked after.
The community will no longer accept any other outcomes.