The Townsville Community has been suffering from a continual decline in youth justice that has now hit Crisis Point. The community has come together and decided not to sit back and watch the deterioration of the values of our future generations and the Community Division, a lack of action has caused.

Firstly thank you to all the people who have and continue to try enact change, people who have taken the time to speak to us and especially those who have already been working and volunteering behind the scenes to build a better system and transition to the generational change we require. Whilst we wish many of you could join us, we genuinely respect the positions you may be in and the restrictions that go with them.

To the significant leaders in our community and ordinary people that have stood beside us in our quest to unite the community we say thank you for having the courage to stand up. We have no intention of letting you down.

We have and always will be about uniting our community and honestly accepting and promoting that the problem of juvenile crime, both indigenous and non-indigenous transcends politics.

When COVID–19 emerged, we had all levels of government working together, acting on the root causes and jointly supporting, promoting, and rapidly implementing the measures needed to avert the Crisis. We now demand all levels of government actively work to ensure a bipartisan approach to this Crisis, devoid of party politics and egos and create real change focused on uniting our community and delivering the generational change we require.   We now live in a world devoid of personal responsibility, common sense, and more importantly genuine respect for each other. Our politically correct world preaches the moral high ground however, the reality is we have become anything but the loving, hardworking larrikins that have a go at anything and who would be the first to step in and help each other out. Instead we have become something so very different.
One Community One Standard (OCOS) was formed out of need not want. Indigenous Elders and proactive members of the Townsville Community have put a line in the sand and want to contribute to the Community Action Plan
(the solution).

We have had the courage to stand up and acknowledge this problem requires a generational change of attitude.